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Vitamin C Body Wash

This 100% Organic, Vitamin C enriched, Vegan Body Wash features no synthetic preservatives, detergents, or foaming agents; Making this Body Wash safe for all skin types including sensitive skin types, children and even pets. Stay away from dirt, grime and germs effectively by using this body wash daily, standing in the shower or even while sitting in the bath tub.

With ingredients that serve the skin, body and soul, this 100% Organic Body Wash has many skin and hair attributes due to its all-natural formula. Check out the complete list of ingredients below.

What is the true cost of an top-quality Body Wash? Priceless! But rest assure, we’ve locally sourced ingredients to make this one of a kind Vitamin C enriched formula more than possible. 

 Ingredients: Pure Vitamin C extract,  Argan Oil, Pure Avocado Oil, Saponified Coconut Oil, Pure Castor Oil, Cannibis Hemp Seed Oil, Pure Sea Salt, Pure Orange Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar 

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