About Us

Prophecy Products is an all-Natural, in-house produced, skin & hair care products company based in Atlanta,Ga that focuses on encouraging the community to “See a better You” through the use of pure 100% organic skin and hair care products. With a catalog catered to both men and women, our products are value packed to improve the texture, health and overall complexion of the skin and hair through pure and fine ingredients that are organically sourced and then handmade into quality products that are for all day, everyday use.

Created with passion and purpose in October 2018 by Dei'Prophet Tafari, Prophecy Products started out with a goal...To purely and positively impact the lives of our people with products with 100% organic ingredients.

We've maintained the same vision since day one and would never look into any other direction. From sourcing only certified-organic ingredients to handcrafting our non-GMO, vegan and cruelty free products, Prophecy Products values, dedication and willingness to thrive comes from loving what we do - providing healthy and effective skin and hair products to men and women worldwide, out of Atlanta.  Be sure to follow us on social media and Submit your email for updates, sales and more!


Appreciate your time and love,

- Dei'Prophet Tafari

Founder & Owner