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Lavender Brown Sugar Body Scrub

The power of exfoliating makes this Brown Sugar Body Scrub the perfect formula for soothing your skin. The term "Exfoliate" simply refers to the process of removing dead skin/crusty skin from your skin's surface. Brown Sugar serves as an excellent exfoliant due to its texture, the granulated particles perfectly exfoliates your skin, clearing away dry and dead skin cells. This process helps your skin become smoother, promoting a more youthful glow by way of organic ingredients.


  • This all-natural body scrub is used to exfoliate
  • Remove tough and dry skin off of feet and elbows
  • Moisturize  while you sooth your skin
  • Use this scrub as an lip scrub to brighten and soften the appearance of your lips  

Apply a generous portion of the scrub to your lips or skin and rub in circular motions to remove dead skin. Rinse excess sugar + your dead skin away with water once you're finished. This process is called "Exfoliating"


Pure Brown Sugar, Pure Avocado Oil, Pure Jojoba oil and Pure Lavender Oil

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