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The Start of Something Powerful | A welcome message by our Founder

The Start of Something Powerful | A welcome message by our Founder

Times have changed. Back during the medieval times, men and women used blood from bats to improve their complexions. During the 18th century European Women were utilizing urine to remove their freckles. Fast forward to the 21st century, advertising was at its peak. Companies realized that they could send messages through product packaging. These messages sent false hope to consumers and deceived us into believing that these “benefits” were actually worth the price.

As technology developed and drug companies evolved, these household brands became aware of ways to maximize their profits. Once the recession hit in 2008, synthetic chemicals were the way for these businesses to remain afloat.

Nowadays in 2018 it’s all about the dollar for these corporations. How can you trust a brand that has no relationship with consumers. From confusing ingredients to false promises its extremely crucial to know exactly what you’re applying to your hair and skin and how exactly is this product and ingredients are beneficial.

In the past ten years, we as consumers have spent more than $180billion dollars on skin & beauty products containing synthetic ingredients. In fact, just as global warming has negatively affected our environment, most products that sit on the shelves of our big box retailers are just as toxic as the pollution from the factories that produce these skin damaging products. Just to be clear, these companies are not the enemy, its the harmful chemicals that pose nothing but a threat to the skin, hair and lives of us consumers.

The goal for us as consumers has always been to find products that work. We seek transparency and simple understanding. The fact that some brands hide theses attributes makes it difficult for consumers to find effective solutions to normal skin and hair issues. We as citizens should not have to feel paranoid about if this product is going to cause a breakout, or if its actually going to work.

Welcome to the promise land, a brand that treats its customers as family and genuinely cares about impacting the lives of those who trust their products. Bringing you 100% organic ingredients, Prophecy Products is here to promote healthy beauty for men and women by way of producing 100% organic products while at the same time providing individuals with an platform that encourages themselves to thrive - organically.

I welcome you to,


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